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The Lindsay Bennett Memorial Golf Tournament will be held, Friday October 3, 2014 at the Revere Golf Club. If you are interested in golfing you can register as a group of four or as an individual! If you would rather cheer from the side we have sponsorship opportunities open as a Presenting Sponsor, Luncheon Sponsor, Welcome Bag Sponsor and a Tee Sponsor. All funds raised at this event will help support the LB3 memorial education efforts, including LEAP (Lindsay’s...
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The Lindsay Bennett Memorial is pleased to announce that L.E.A.P. (Lindsay’s Education Awareness Program) was introduced as a pilot program in four middle schools in Henderson this fall. L.E.A.P. is a program aligned to the current middle school health curriculum to help students make responsible and healthy lifestyle choices in today’s changing society. L.E.A.P. supports efforts to ready eighth grade students in the transition to high school. There are few...
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Click here to view a video about the Lindsay Bennett Memorial and LB3 program, featuring Lindsay's father - Mike Bennett and the Rebel Girls.   Click here to read a story from The Anthem View on the Lindsay Bennett Memorial and LB3
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The UNLV Rebel Girls are very dedicated and passionate supporters of the Lindsay Bennett Memorial. Although Lindsay only had the opportunity to dance on Rebel Girls for a year, she impacted all of her teammates with her bright personality and her positive attitude. The Rebel Girls believe in the mission of LB3 as well as the goal of continuing Lindsay’s “bliss”. Last year, the Rebel Girls helped organize a UNLV athletics NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills meeting, which...
On October 29, 2012 the Lindsay Bennett Memorial held our first full day L.E.A.P. (Lindsay’s Educational Awareness Program) planning meeting, at Del Webb Middle School. The funds raised at this year’s Lindsay Bennett Memorial golf tournament paid for substitute teachers that allowed our educators to spend the whole day in small groups, discussing and creating lessons and activities for our proposed week long program. Our mission for L.E.A.P. – Educating students...
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The Lindsay Bennett Memorial is delighted to launch a quarterly e-newsletter for our supporters to keep you current and connected with all the memorial’s activities and accomplishments. We are so grateful to all of you, those donors who have been with us from the beginning and the new supporters who joined us this past season through our new texting sign-up! The Bennett family and our tireless volunteers truly would not be able to move forward in our efforts...
A Holiday Dance Celebration will be held at Coronado High School on December 8 to benefit the Lindsay Bennett Memorial
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Delta Zeta Sorority's "I Have a Choice Week" on October 14-20th was held to help inform UNLV students on alcohol awareness. They sold bracelets for $2 in the Student Union, to benefit the LB3
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Lindsay Bennett Memorial teamed up with the UNLV Rebel Girls and UNLV CSUN to host this year's LB3 Kickoff, that took place at UNLV's Pida Plaza on October 4 from 9am to 2pm. There was music, food, giveaways and the famous 3-point shoot-out